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You have been Re Defined!

Lets redefine Child Poverty, shall we

Oh dear, you are hungry today, little one

no breaky in your tum tum

those aren't really hunger pangs you are feeling

your parents are just lazy

cause they can't find a job in this economy

What else can we redefine, while we are at it

Oh my, you lost your leg from a bomb

that's not pain that you are feeling

It's just extreme discomfort

from being at the wrong place at the wrong time

Why, you should never have been born

on that oil rich land

You know, we had no choice but to murder Saddam

and besides, you are a Muslim, you have no feelings

you are all about terrorism

We are forced to drop bombs on your land,

train militants to divide you,

create and sell weapons that destroy you

Otherwise, our metaphoric War on Terror will be for nothing, you see

We won't make a hefty enough profit

and that will make our share holders unhappy

My oh my, you were blown up on a beach

while playing football

those aren't really dead bodies you're burying

that isn't the pain of loss that you are feeling

you had no right be living on that land, that your ancestors have been living on for centuries

that land is for Jews only, those with a Biblical claim

You are Muslim, and your belief in the same Bible means nothing

you have the wrong label

Oh well, your house got repossessed

those aren't real boxes you are packing

you aren't really feeling insecurity at all

that is all imaginary

You should never have taken on that mortgage anyway

how irresponsible of you

to want to live in a home that you can't afford

We only bail out the rich bankers

we don't help out lowly souls -- like you!

Time for Austerity

Why, we need the top 1% to become more wealthy!

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