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A Cry in the Dark

There are times when separation is torture

An average soul -

may look upon an outsider

from their own limited perception

and call it: depression

What else could you call

the absolute hell of wanting to be One

and being forced into some bodily prison -

in a tortured separation

from your Beloved

There are nights spent in tears

wondering when the veil will be torn away

wondering when the removal from this temporal realm

will be done

this strangeness all around

To be called a stranger is only a gift

when it feels

there is no sense of belonging

to this bizarre illusion

that other minds and bodies seem to cling to

Let it fall, let it end

this body, this dense matter is not needed

Here the thousandth call of this slave's wish to go home!

Don't call it a wish for a premature ending

call it what it is -- a deep sense of absence and longing

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