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What was once - a limit to my soul

is no more

The limit was passed

and a part of me - watched the other part of me

pass it

Nothing changed

except that I had performed an action

that I would once have never allowed myself to act upon

I was no happier for it

as I was no happier for denying it

All pleasure - gleamed - was a vanishing moment of nothing

like grains of sand slipping through

the spaces between my fingers

the only difference between the sand

and my actions -

the sand lands upon the ground and remains a grain

my actions vanish into the great unknown

Time passed - that cannot be grasped by any human sense

And on I went

wondering and acting

Did the limits mean anything

if the remorse or regret was not present

if the faith was not strong enough to press its limitations

What am I - Who am I

with or without them

If all my moments are empty nothings

of movements towards a vanished state

of being *** Can one both be and not be simultaneously?

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