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Blind Faith

This life is a matter of perception

If you are a believer – and you are highly dedicated to a belief or faith or ideological system

If it is your perception that what you believe in is the ultimate truth and perfection

then it stands to reason

that you will be against anything that is an enemy – to that which denies the faith you believe in

If you cling to your belief system and its dictates

it is unlikely that you will question what it is asking

because faith itself demands a blind following

In fact, the act of questioning is the opposing action

to the action of faith itself

Faith, asks that you abandon your own mind

to follow what you are asked

as a faithful person

If that faith, asks you to hate – or kill – or believe another person is an enemy

And you are a zealot to your own perception – you may do anything

believing that you are justified in your actions or

believing that the Almighty will uphold your actions

Turn that perception in 180 degrees to another human mind

and their faith or belief system or ideology will mirror your own

thereby making them in a percieved opposition

when in substance – the two are one

because in essence

they are fundamentally the same

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