July 15, 2016

Being human is very strange

we are ejected into this realm

some say -- with parents previously chosen

others say -- through random selection

Holy books state it is prewritten destination

Our being encapsulated into form

imprisoned within the fabrication of bounds and limitations

our atoms mostly empty space

but we embody race, DNA

some say -- we are made of clay

some say -- we are God made

others say -- we are evolutionary creatures with no purpose past this state of being

Certain masters claim that this experience is all illusion

like a nightmare or a dream

and we are not truly living

take a breath

it seems real to the senses

Born - live - die

some say -- only to live again

millions of years of reincarnation

not to mention the possibility

of other galaxies, universes parallel existences

Born into opportunity

some born as kings

others into abject poverty

to die straight away from malnutrition

Perhaps to go to heaven

or to be born again as a dolphin

or some other unknown entity

in some far off galaxy

We are brought...

July 8, 2016

We need leaders to lead

We need structure


We need to fit in

We need to be accepted in society

We need to be told, to be guided

We need to be devoted

and offer our support

come what may

We need an enemy

We need a competitor

We need something to strive for

We need purpose

We need money, fiat currency

even if it is unreal

We need to buy stuff

and make a living

and generate the economy

no matter the means

the ends are justified in each mind

We need illusion

We need to be lied to

We need to be instructed on reality

We need not see, hear or speak

We need each other

on either side of the coin

friend or foe

We need something to die for

February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016

My life is art:


It’s a drama


moving from stage to stage


I am a producer, a director, an actor


It’s a musical extravaganza


and I am the composer, the song writer, the singer


It’s a poem


and I am the poet


making lines that rhyme (because that’s more fun)


It’s a painting


and I am the canvas, the paints and brushes


the hand that applies the bright colours


to white spaces


It’s a photo


and I am the photographer


capturing the precious moments


before they pass


and melt into the vastness of time past




January 25, 2016

I have recently begun calling myself: a spiritual fanatic
because I love the paradox in the statement


I love religions
it’s one of my very favourite things!


But our world has become mixed up, confused

The spirit of religions
has been apprehended for political reasons


What we are witnessing
is not the essence of truth or teachings


it is usurp of religion
for bad intentions


There is a mask, a veil
before reality
making it - forest for the trees


nothing is what it seems
and what it seems
is not the essence of the blessed teachings

January 17, 2016


When you come face to face


with the reflection


and you could choose to show your anger or wrath


in that moment


but instead - you hold back


Your rage is held under constraint


and your violence is kept under wraps


Patience covers


and your compassion arises


You see - in the other - yourself


the object of your love


and you recognize


your own wishes, your own hopes


in the reflection


through awareness


Grace overcomes


and Mercy is shown


as all other emotions to the contrary


are suppressed in your Loving action

January 3, 2016


Who owns Islam?


Who is going to tell me what to believe

or how to practice that belief


Am I going to bow down

out of fear


isn't it love and sincerity

a repentant heart

that bring me through the ultimate door

the one I long for

where the rivers flow


Who owns Islam


was it my ex-husband

who told me how to act, what to wear

and then cheated and lied and abused

is he the one who will open the door


Who owns Islam


is it those who sell oil - sell their souls

to the devil

who guard the Mecca

who call the birthplace of our Beloved, their own

and then oppress all those

within their bounds


Who owns Islam


is it this sect or that one


I used to be told

“Be a Sunni. That is the only version that will be accepted, allowed.”

By whom - by Allah?

Does someone have a number I can dial

because I’d really like to know:


Who owns Islam?




July 24, 2015

This life is a matter of perception


If you are a believer – and you are highly dedicated to a belief or faith or ideological system

If it is your perception that what you believe in is the ultimate truth and perfection

then it stands to reason

that you will be against anything that is an enemy – to that which denies the faith you believe in


If you cling to your belief system and its dictates

it is unlikely that you will question what it is asking

because faith itself demands a blind following


In fact, the act of questioning is the opposing action

to the action of faith itself

Faith, asks that you abandon your own mind  

to follow what you are asked

as a faithful person


If that faith, asks you to hate – or kill – or believe another person is an enemy

And you are a zealot to your own perception – you may do anything

believing that you are justified in your actions or

believing that the Almighty will uphold your actions


Turn that perception in 180 degrees to another human mind

and their faith or belie...

July 21, 2015

There are times when separation is torture


An average soul -

may look upon an outsider

from their own limited perception


and call it: depression


What else could you call 

the absolute hell of wanting to be One

and being forced into some bodily prison -

in a tortured separation

from your Beloved


There are nights spent in tears

wondering when the veil will be torn away

wondering when the removal from this temporal realm

will be done


this strangeness all around


To be called a stranger is only a gift

when it feels 

there is no sense of belonging

to this bizarre illusion

that other minds and bodies seem to cling to


Let it fall, let it end


this body, this dense matter is not needed


Here the thousandth call of this slave's wish to go home! 


Don't call it a wish for a premature ending

call it what it is -- a deep sense of absence and longing

July 20, 2015

What was once - a limit to my soul

is no more


The limit was passed

and a part of me - watched the other part of me

pass it


Nothing changed 

except that I had performed an action

that I would once have never allowed myself to act upon


I was no happier for it

as I was no happier for denying it


All pleasure - gleamed - was a vanishing moment of nothing

like grains of sand slipping through 

the spaces between my fingers

the only difference between the sand

and my actions -

the sand lands upon the ground and remains a grain

my actions vanish into the great unknown


Time passed - that cannot be grasped by any human sense


And on I went

wondering and acting


Did the limits mean anything

if the remorse or regret was not present 

if the faith was not strong enough to press its limitations


What am I - Who am I

with or without them


If all my moments are empty nothings

of movements towards a vanished state


of being


Can one both be and not be simultaneously?

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