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Tempura on wood
Box Jelly & Plastic Ocean

My Installation for Art Box 2014

Art Box Festival 2014, Birmingham
Flowers in a Field

Marker 11x14

Day at the Cottage Mixed Media

The Neighbour's House

Pen and Ink Drawing Ain Benian, Algeria

Nature's Playground
Armenian Dream

India Ink and Sepia

Guantanamo Cards Scenes of Yemen, Oman, Saudi and Desert Cards

Endangered Species Mural

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha School Ottawa, Canada 2011

Into the Night

Wax and Plastic on Canvas 80x100 cm In this piece I explore the fragility of life using wax to represent the frailty of human life. I have coated the entire piece with a thin layer of plastic -- the plastic represents the thin veil of reality that covers us.


Digital Art


Mosaic made from the dry sand in the Sahara


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