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Who owns Islam?

Who owns Islam?

Who is going to tell me what to believe

or how to practice that belief

Am I going to bow down

out of fear

isn't it love and sincerity

a repentant heart

that bring me through the ultimate door

the one I long for

where the rivers flow

Who owns Islam

was it my ex-husband

who told me how to act, what to wear

and then cheated and lied and abused

is he the one who will open the door

Who owns Islam

is it those who sell oil - sell their souls

to the devil

who guard the Mecca

who call the birthplace of our Beloved, their own

and then oppress all those

within their bounds

Who owns Islam

is it this sect or that one

I used to be told

“Be a Sunni. That is the only version that will be accepted, allowed.”

By whom - by Allah?

Does someone have a number I can dial

because I’d really like to know:

Who owns Islam?

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