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Get Real

It's not enough

to say you

feel good

as this feel good revolution has taught us to do

through positive thought


What if hurting someone

makes you feel good

what then

What if

feeling good

makes you blind to another person's pain

You can't feel the feelings of another

so their feelings are irrelevant to your own person

But what if you were


what then

If you could feel their suffering

would you feel more compassion

We are entrenched in a system

charlatans have thoughtfully designed

to keep us deaf, dumb, numb and blind

Inspirational talks are wonderful

they make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside

but they don't change the system from the inside

People are starving

Wars are raging

Banks and Corporations are ruling

We are losing more and more of our freedoms

while we chase mindless nothings

hopeless, empty dreams

You can pretend it isn't happening -

that this fragile world isn't collapsing

that the enviornment isn't hurting

species aren't facing extintion

human rights aren't diminishing

Or you can open to the discomfort and bad feelings

of the real situation

Our honoured -Democracy- isn't working

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