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I am white skinned, I have grey eyes like the British sky. I am British by citizenship and by heritage. I have grandparents that lived near this area (of Birmingham) before they immigrated to Canada in early 1900's. I have a Polish grandfather, who was a renowned architect in Ottawa; who's Major father, escaped the Nazi war in Poland and found safe haven on this British island. The Poles, migrants, who are now facing so much discrimination - since the EU's inception. The EU, who was meant to bring Europe closer together.

I had five children with a Berber, North African (the aboriginals of Algeria). I spent time living on his land, with his family, even went to their village in the Kabylie. I learned many new ways of seeing, compared to my own upbringing and took the best of what I learned from both of them.

I am still a French speaking Canadian. I spent time living in France and have an appreciation for their culture and land. The French, who colonized Algeria and murdered the great grandfather and grandmother (and countless other family members) of my children - during the seven year war against the Algerians. The Algerians struggled to gain back their independence which was taken away from them by France.

I had a first generation Canadian father, who was born in 1917 in Alberta; who was a distinguished Scientist with a PhD in Chemistry and used to teach and practice TM meditation. I have a British mother, who grew up in Liverpool (same place as the Beatles); who worked for the Federal government in Canada when I was a girl. The Canadians, who are all immigrants - unless they are a part of the First Nations; the aboriginals of Canada, who's land was stolen from them by the colonialists (mainly British, French and Spanish) who called the Natives, savages.

I am Christian, on my fathers side; I am Jewish, on my mothers side; I am a spiritual-Sufi, in my own mind. The Jews who were persecuted for centuries; who were slaughtered by the Nazis in World War Two. The Jews, who with help from the Christian-Colonialist-Britain stole Palestine away from the Muslim Palestinians (claiming it as their rightful Biblical land) keeping the Palestinians under occupation.

The Muslims, who are facing tyranny, war and destruction on so many of their lands; who have been fought by the Americans, the Europeans and friends (and even those that call themselves - Muslims). The Muslims who are divided among themselves according to their sects, ideology and nationalism (if only they would unify again); who's given legacy has been terrorism and extremism.


I once wore a hyjab before but tore it off when I couldn't tolerate the racism I was facing on this island - the same island that saved my grandfather from fascism.


I am a human.

I AM --- a poem by Tashi

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