My art is available for purchase at the Saatchi Gallery:
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Creative Soul
I've always been artistically inclined. I studied fine art at a special school for the arts in Ottawa, Canterbury High School. I studied Fine Arts at the Ottawa School of Art where I was exposed to many facets of the field. I also studied Journalism and Graphic Design - to further my knowledge and personal passions for art, writing and design.

I describe my artistic style as, Expressionism. Art is magic; it speaks without voice. I make an effort to convey a sense of emotion and feeling in my work. I am most often inspired by a place, event or an experience that has struck me in some way – and creativity is the mode for which I translate those experiences externally through whatever medium speaks to me. I let the subject dictate the medium; how my work is interpreted depends on the beholder. I hope that whoever beholds my art will be transported to new places inside themselves.

I am a professional artist, writer, illustrator, teacher and designer. I have been working for Sheltoons as a bilingual Art Teacher in various primary schools around the Ottawa-Gatineau region. My handcrafted jewellery can be found on Etsy and at the Arbor Art Gallery in Vankleek Hill, Ontario. You can wear my art by purchasing my art-clothing from Le Galeriste in Montreal. I am a Children's book author, I wrote and illustrated, To Thine Own Self Be True. I am also a writer for Syndrome Magazine. One of my essays is included in the hilarious anthology, Random Female Syndromes: Funny fixes for all the things you thought were wrong with.

My art on clothing is available for purchase at Le Galeriste:

"Interacting with art is like taking an internal journey, art transports you to new places inside yourself."


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art.design.bytashi@gmail.com  |  Tel: 613-600-1964

For purchases or private commissions please send your requests in a message. 

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