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"Interacting with art is like taking an internal journey, art transports you to new places inside yourself."

Creative Soul

Immersed in the realms of artistic expression from an early age, my creative journey has been one of intellectual and aesthetic exploration. Enveloped in the nurturing environment of Ottawa's prestigious Canterbury High School, where the pursuit of fine art is revered, I honed my skills and refined my understanding of this captivating realm. Embarking upon a voyage of self-discovery and growth, I furthered my artistic education at the esteemed Ottawa School of Art, delving into various facets of the field with unwavering curiosity.

Within the tapestry of my artistic endeavors, I find solace and liberation in the enchanting realm of Expressionism. Art, to me, is the language of untold magic, transcending words and resonating deep within the soul. With utmost dedication, I strive to infuse my creations with a profound sense of emotion and meaning. My inspiration often arises from moments, places, or experiences that have left an indelible mark upon my being. It is through the boundless medium of creativity that I externalize these profound encounters, allowing the essence of the subject to guide the choice of medium. The interpretation of my art, a profoundly personal and evocative experience, lies within the discerning eyes of the beholder. My sincere aspiration is to transport each observer to uncharted realms within themselves.

I embrace a multifaceted artistic identity, not merely confined to the realms of visual artistry. As a consummate professional, I traverse diverse domains encompassing writing, illustration, teaching, and design. The realm of children's literature beckoned me as an author and illustrator, leading me to create the captivating work titled "To Thine Own Self Be True." Furthermore, my literary prowess graces the pages of the uproariously entertaining anthology, "Random Female Syndromes: Funny fixes for all the things you thought were wrong with you," where one of my compelling essays finds its place.

In essence, my artistic odyssey is one that transcends boundaries, defying categorization. It is an intellectual and soul-stirring endeavor, perpetually seeking to ignite new depths of understanding and appreciation within those who engage with my artistic tapestry.

Fine Art by Tashi



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