Unknowing Knowing

Being human is very strange

we are ejected into this realm

some say -- with parents previously chosen

others say -- through random selection

Holy books state it is prewritten destination

Our being encapsulated into form

imprisoned within the fabrication of bounds and limitations

our atoms mostly empty space

but we embody race, DNA

some say -- we are made of clay

some say -- we are God made

others say -- we are evolutionary creatures with no purpose past this state of being

Certain masters claim that this experience is all illusion

like a nightmare or a dream

and we are not truly living

take a breath

it seems real to the senses

Born - live - die

some say -- only to live again

millions of years of reincarnation

not to mention the possibility

of other galaxies, universes parallel existences

Born into opportunity

some born as kings

others into abject poverty

to die straight away from malnutrition

Perhaps to go to heaven

or to be born again as a dolphin

or some other unknown entity

in some far off galaxy

We are brought up

instructed taught ideas, ideals, values

within the confines of our cultural constructs

given labels, names, language

ways to express our feelings

ways to view or see


We experience

We reflect

We take what is around us

We make things, consume things

discard the unwanted, unneeded items

We move within structure

or cannot

Some of us perceive freedom

others know duty, responsibility

daily survival

depending on their own levels

We make choices, decisions

we react to any given situation or presentation

from the deepest reflections of our inner beings

through our actions

We manufacture the manifestations of our thoughts

into actualisation

some say -- as One

some operate in secret, in symbols

they move in the shadows

while others perceive a class struggle

Some think they have some power over what happens

they are creating their own reality

others see higher ups, oligarchies as the guiding forces

the true machines of manifestation manufacturing

There are many languages for religion

many pray, meditate on the idea of eternity

the everlasting

some have faith in the unseen

others are angered by the mere mention

of something that is unscientific, unproven

knowledge is evolving

Some kill other beings for consumption

for satisfying feelings (such as, anger or retribution)

others for a blood thirst quenching

some for warmongering

Great Masters have stated that all being has consciousness of some form

even rocks give off vibrations


the beginning of all consciousness, all vibrations

We all come to an end

some are buried

some are burned

some say that is the infinite finality

there is no more than what was experienced here

others believe that is only the beginning

some have seen the Light waiting to greet them

and some await to see, feel, experince, question

The All Knowing

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© Tashi Farmilo-Marouf